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Mastered in Tennessee

Tn Dept. of Economic & Community Development
The groundbreaking campaign that pushed the creative and technical boundaries of economic development marketing.
Until recently, most of the marketing campaigns you saw for economic development and site selection were stifled with traditional media tactics and creative executions that didn't evolve alongside the private sector. In fact, it was common to see multiple EDOs use the same stock photography, same headlines and same off-the-shelf digital products for corporate recruitment and commercial real estate. Mastered in Tennessee changed all of that. By investing in proprietary web applications and adtech, positioning Tennessee as a lifestyle brand, and only featuring imagery of real Tennesseans in real places, we created an authentic campaign that continues to recruit some of the world’s largest companies to Tennessee.
Whether it's advertising, web, social media, video or sales collateral, every touchpoint of this campaign is rooted in the creation of content and success stories that authentically connect and resonate with corporate executives. Experience has taught that design garners attention, but its technology that drives results. That's why we are always at the forefront of leveraging new technology to deliver successful outcomes for our clients and Mastered in TN is no exception. We created first-in-class web applications for site selection, corporate real estate mapping and industry and workforce analysis.
We also developed a responsive website that adjusts to a visitor's behaviors, native language and industry to create a tailor-made user experience regardless of where it is accessed around the globe. Most importantly, we leveraged our media relationships with some of the largest businesses publications to create a B2B ad data for digital media. The outcome? Record-breaking job creation and capital investment for Tennessee from some of the largest companies in the world.
96+ Million
Digital Ad Impressions Annually
Unique Visits to Annually
3,800+ Corporate & Site Selection Leads Delivered Annually
6+ MillIon
Social Impressions Annually
8 Excellence in Economic Development Marketing Awards
From the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) including Best EDO Website and Best EDO Advertising Campaign