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small business relief
Tn Department of Revenue
An APP to take the guesswork out of a Lengthy grant application process
During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses across Tennessee faced an uphill battle and struggled to keep their doors open. To help alleviate this burden, the State of Tennessee announced $250+ million in relief payments, but businesses struggled to take advantage of the funds because of .

The Tennessee Department of Revenue tasked our team to create a multichannel campaign consisting of paid advertising, social media content, and earned media. However, even with a multi-channel awareness campaign, we still needed to streamline the process with business owners by taking the guesswork out of a lengthly grant application process.
Through market research and data insights, we identified that business owners weren't willing to begin a lengthy grant process because they didn't know if they were eligible. They needed guidance, resources, and tools to easily apply for funding — so we we created an app.
Our proprietary app took the guesswork out of businesses determining their eligibility. In just a few short clicks, users answered a series of questions about their business and were immediately provided with their eligibility status. From there, eligible users were directed to a secure portal to begin their application process.
Thanks to an aggressive public relations campaign and a modest digital media buy, we successfully drove 35,000 of 40,000 eligible statewide businesses into the application system. Funding was claimed within two short weeks — helping to keep employees working and businesses open.